3D Printer Solutions

Advantages of Having an In-House 3D Printer

The benefits that a 3D printer can offer and employing rapid prototyping offers so many benefits that are well-recognized. Whether it is a functional testing, design validation, or faster launch of a product, executives rarely need to be convinced of these benefits. So many businesses still continue to outsource their 3D printing needs as they believe that ownership is cost-prohibitive. But what most companies fail to realize is that three-dimensional printing has dramatically advanced. Now, there are a lot of new types of high-quality printers that come at affordable prices. Below are some reasons why it is a wise decision to have an in-house printer.

Low Cost

A prototype that has been outsourced could cost from a few hundreds of dollars for just a simple design to thousands of dollars for the more complex ones. Creating the prototype with an in-house printer can offer great savings, even if the company only prints a few models monthly.


Faster Time to Market

When it comes to outsourcing, the turnaround time rarely takes 2-3 days to get the models back. This often takes around a week or even longer. The majority of delays happen before placing the model order, in large part due to the prohibitive cost of the outsourced prototyping. For instance, a company may not order a model unless the design has advanced enough that the company thinks it is worth to spend their money.


Competitive Advantage

A lot of factors can slow down the introduction of a new product during the development lifecycle of a product- everything from the tools used to the time spent on waiting for the arrival or prototypes from an outsourced vendor.

But if you opt for an in-house printing system, prototyping would lead to a more effective launch of a product, thus enabling a company to introduce more and new innovations to market ahead of the competition.



Given the competitive market we have at present, a leaked design would mean disaster, making it a must to guarantee confidentiality.

By keeping your rapid prototyping in-house with a printer, you can eliminate the need to transmit your design files to the external network. This will help ensure that the design will never get out of company premises, thus protecting intellectual property.


Accuracy and Quality

Regardless of how the prototype is produced, the main aim is to accurately simulate real-life products. In all field, precise and high-quality models are important for fit, form, and function testing. A quality 3d printer can offer visual and functional accuracy. It is capable of printing even the finest details, smallest features, moving parts, smooth surfaces, in a single build. Moreover, with a range of model materials and different post-processing options, you can create models that closely resemble the end product.

With so many affordable printers today, it is possible to make stunning models at a much lower cost in-house.


3D Printer Solutions

3D Printer Solutions and more Information

A 3D ink-jet printer is a tool which builds an item by referring to the CAD information source. The standard modern technology made use of in a 3D printer is not new. The production sector has been utilizing 3D printing innovation to develop models for the last two decades. Older 3D printing machines allowed and pricey. In the past, just big producers had internal 3D printing facilities, while little enterprises hinged on commercial 3D printing solutions.

Why is there a Need for 3D Printers in the Manufacturing Sector?

The significance of a prototype in the product and services advancement cycle can not be weakened. Among the vital stages of the product formulation cycle is that of making a physical design based on the item layout. The bodily model created by 3D printing serves to examine the concept flaws and is also made use of to check the functionality of the concept.

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Desktop Printer

How to Choose Your Desktop Printer

If you are need of a barcode desktop printer you may need a bit of help deciding, which barcode desktop printer would be the best for your business. In order to help you make this decision this is the list of the most popular barcode desktop printers.

At the top of the list is the Cognitive AdvantageLX Desktop Printer with features such as Rugged and reliable all-metal mechanism, high lift printhead convenience, full bar code suite with MaxiCode and PDF417, 4 MB of memory, Graphics support, Serial and/or parallel communication standard, optional built-in Ethernet, clear media cover, optional cutter, peeler, Thermal Transfer, 300 dpi, and linerless.

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