Small Drill Rigs Australia for Pile Driving

There are some drill rigs in Australia that has become a common sight in the world of commercial construction job sites. This is basically due to their versatility. Since construction sites provide unlimited variations of struggles and challenges, manufactures of these rigs have innovated highly advanced machines that is capable of providing subcontractors and site managers with different options that can speed up their solutions.


The Challenge

Unlike with projects that are located in wide open spaces, project managers in renovation construction need to consider numerous existing variables. Some of the challenges in renovation include job sites with very limited access, confined spaces, limited overhead space, as well as the need for the business to be less impacted. Given these reasons, a multitude of options are ready to be used.

Project managers are sometimes challenged to provide additional foundational support to the existing structure. Such scenarios result in the need for some creative solutions. Usually, the existing structure have limitations that can be solved with the help of traditional drill rigs in Australia.


The Features

There are many manufacturers that have addressed this requirement with low overhead drilling rigs. Some of them need as little as 6 ft. overhead clearance in order to drill micropiles. For more allure, these machines make use of rubber tracks instead of using traditional steel tracks. This situation helps operators to get inside the building without having to damage the existing slab.

Additional features that make these small drilling rigs needed are their ability to separate the power source from the drill rigs itself. These attributes have been proven to be very valuable, especially in cases where an existing business hopes to remain open while having the construction renovation.

Given that the power source is positioned in a location outside the building, business owners are not likely to experience exhaust fumes coming from diesel engines that are needed to power the rigs. Placing the diesel engine outside can greatly reduce noise that comes with the piling equipment.


Intelligent Design


One more feature that makes working with a micro pile driving drill rig is the ability of its mast to move separately of its base. Repositioning the machine to drill holes can be difficult in operations with limited access. Its intelligent design lets the operator to swing the mast side to side. With this, successful operation is possible even when in confined spaces.

As renovations can be complicated resulting from the desire of building owners to upgrade their existing structure instead of opting to raze or rebuild. With this, construction firms and project managers need to continue to leverage cutting edge technologies that are offered by manufacturers of drill rigs in order to maintain cost-efficiencies. With drilling rigs, functionality and versatility is made possible even in small places.