Link Building

The Golden Gift: Listening to your client

One of the most valuable gifts that are attached to your ears hardly ever gets used. I imagine a beautiful world where everyone listens and the phrase “Huh?” is really only used because you just physically could not hear the person speaking.

SEO Link Building has quite the experience of listening to clients from all over the UK. We want to know what client needs are before we make a plan to attack. If we don’t know what they need then we cannot ensure the success of any company we agree to work with.

With listening, it is also okay to take notes in order to reinforce what you are hearing. Between mini pauses, repeat back what you have down to make sure certain things are accurate. Asking questions that lead into those answers can be helpful. “How can we better assist you in your Search Engine Optimizing?” “What have others companies done wrong that you do not like and how can SEO Link Building prevent us from making those mistakes?” These simple questions will provide big results.

And of course listening doesn’t just help our Link Building Services as a company but amongst fellow employees. Listening to the needs of our co-workers around us or just being an ear to them to vent and speak their mind on certain things happening in and outside of the company. Being there for your teammates also creates an environment where one would feel they can grow in. Better retention rates are even seen in companies where it seems more like a family than a job.

Listening is the Golden gift and when everyone decides to use it, they will flourish. Whether it is for a new company like SEO link building or in the matters of everyday living.