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Choosing Pool Tiles in Australia: What to Remember

Installing a swimming pool for your home or commercial establishment is a smart investment that is sure to reward your property for a long time. Ensuring that it is installed according to your goals, as well as industry standards, is important to making that happen. One of the best ways to manage that is to choose the right kind of swimming pool tiles.

When it comes to selecting your pool tiles in Australia, there are a few key facts that you should know. This will help you better maximise the functionality, safety, design aesthetics, and benefits of your swimming pool. Among the most important of these are:


One of the most important considerations that homeowners and businessmen should think about when it comes to selecting swimming pool tiles is safety. In Australia, there are established safety specifications. For instance, areas that surround swimming pools or aquatic spas should be made of slip-resistant materials.

When evaluating which materials fit your safety requirements best, always check:

  • The recommended slip resistance levels by regulating bodies and organisations
  • The area for which you intend to install the pool tiles
  • Other compliance requirements   



Some pool tile materials are equipped for better functionality than others. Some types of ceramic pools, for instance, come with self-cleaning systems that take care of some important aspects of maintenance. Fibreglass pools, on the other hand, contain a non-porous surface that keeps out dirt and contaminants.

Concrete pools, for their part, are easily customisable – which means that you can design them according to your specifications. If you want a custom tanning ledge, for example, that will be achievable with a concrete pool.

The bottom line is: different materials dictate the extent to which you can enjoy your pool. Choosing the right one should depend on what kind of functionality you hope to achieve.

ceramic pool tiles


Finally, have a good idea of what your financial capacity is. Tiles that are designed for more benefits typically cost more than other types of tiles. But that does not mean that you should settle for the most regular materials if your budget cannot accommodate a lot. Remember that upkeep and maintenance should also factor into your decision, as some materials may require more repairs and replacements than others.

At Ceramic Solutions, we make sure that our customers get the swimming pool of their dreams with proper material selection, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today on www.ceramicsolutionspools.com.au if you have any questions.