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Vacuum Packaging Machine

If you have your very own vacuum packaging machine in your kitchen, you’d understand how indispensable it can be in making your life so much easier and breezier. 

I came across a news article and it declared that an average Australian household nowadays is able to save more than $2000 a year on their food expenditures because they are using a vacuum sealer. It also asserted that vacuum-sealed food items, especially those that are highly-perishable or are likely to deteriorate fast, can last for up to 5 times longer as opposed to non-vacuum packed food items. 

Why Is It That Vacuum Packaging Machines Are So Great in Preserving Food? 

Contact with oxygen will make your food item to deteriorate fast, eventually leading to spoilage.  Put the item in your fridge, and trapped packets of oxygen will cause your food item to acquire freezer burns.  In order to prevent this from happening, it is highly suggested that you make use of a high-grade and very reliable vacuum packing machine. This piece of equipment will help in removing significant amounts of oxygen from your food container. 

If there is only very little to no amount of oxygen left in the food container, your food is likely to have an extended shelf life in your pantry and in your fridge. It will also eliminate its chances of getting freezer burns in your fridge.  

Let us get the facts straight here, there is no way that you can completely remove oxygen out from your food bags by virtue of vacuum sealing, let alone by other celebrated means. This is the reason why vacuum sealed food will not last forever. 

It is very likely that tiniest packets of oxygen would remain hidden under the folds of your, say, meat items. And it is with this tiny speck of oxygen that bacteria, mold, and fungi from the food item itself that it will thrive and grow. 

What is certain though is that it can remove significant amounts of it, enough to create instead a hostile environment to bacteria and fungi. Hence, extending the shelf life of your vacuum sealed food items, pretty much longer than usual. 

What You Need to Look for in a Vacuum Sealer? 

This aspect here will have something to do on how exactly you are intending to use this piece of equipment in your kitchen. The vast majority of vacuum food sealing machines you will find in the market today will give you an adequate sealing capacity for food storage. But even so, you still need to think outside the box regarding how you will make use of it.  Here are some guiding questions to help you by. Ask yourself the following: 

  • What size of food sealer bags do I want to use?
  • Will I use it for marinating food?
  • Will I use it on canisters, mason jars, and other similar containers?
  • Will I use it for liquid-based food items like chicken or beef stocks and “moist” leftovers like stews, casseroles, and soups,?
  • Do I mind freezing my liquid-based items before I try to use them, or would I settle to throwing liquids straight away in a bag and seal it?
  • When it comes to bulk sealing, am I patient enough for the sealer to cool down first or do I want to use a machine that does it otherwise?​
  • What type of food sealing bag do I want to use?

Whatever it is that you will decide on that you want, from a bargain-buy edge sealer to a commercial grade top-of-the-line and heavy-duty vacuum packaging machine, there will always be a food vacuum sealer out there designed to meet your everyday sealing needs.